Our business support services

The bits and pieces that you just don't have time for...

Need assistance with the day to day running of your business? Spend hours on simple or repetitive tasks when you should be doing more important things? Can't afford to hire an in house assistant?

If any of these are ringing a bell, then our business support services are for you. 

Our services provide you with all the benefits of an in house administrative assistant without the fixed costs. We can help with a range of things including:

Market research



Project management

Creating presentations



 Documenting policies and procedures..

And so much more!

Our approach


We will work with you to understand your needs and preferences and to clarify what we can do to assist you.


We match your business support needs to our support staff and provide a document outlining the terms of our engagement and how we will work to deliver your tasks. This document also outlines any confidentiality needs from both parties.


We make use of applications like Dropbox, Google Drive and Skype so you’ll barely notice we’re not there next to you. The tasks will be done on time and how you like them. Better still – you only ever pay for the hours we actually work and any expenses. No need to worry about break times, superannuation, income tax or anything else!

Prepaid packages

Pay up front for a bundle of hours, then use them when you need them. The hours are valid for 12 months after purchase.

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15 hours.png
30 hours.png

Our packages

We offer a range of prepaid or retainer packges to suite any budget.


Our standard packages are here, but we can also provide you with a customised quote  depending on your needs.

Retainer packages

If you have consistent and ongoing work, then a retainer package is probably the better fit for you.

up to 20 hours per month
Up to 40 hours per month


Our business support team is experienced across a number of disciplines including finance, HR, social media, policy and process development.


 The average amount spent on business support and/or virtual assistance varies between $4k and $16k. Compare to this to what you would pay an inhouse admin assistant. It's a significant saving.


 Why pay someone a salary to work 40 hours a week if you only need them some of the time? You can use us for a couple of hours per week or several hours per day. You can even adjust the amount as your business needs change.

Why us?

Any other questions?

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