Business coaching - one-on-one or group - which one is right for you?

Once you've decided on working with a business coach, the next step is deciding which approach is best for you, one-on-one sessions or group coaching.

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages and choosing the right one comes down to your preferred style, stage of business, personal goals and whether you are wanting business growth or just in need of some guidance, advice or someone to keep you accountable.

One-on-one business coaching

The advantages of one-on-one business coaching

As the name implies, one-on-one, or individual, business coaching provides personalised, customised help tailored to your business and personal goals and needs. The success of one-on-one coaching is determined by the relationship strength between you and your coach.

One-on-one business coaching typically comes at a higher price, and for a good reason, it provides many advantages that come with a personalised approach. You get:

  • specialised help for your business, as opposed to the generic help you get from a group environment

  • started quicker on achieving your goals as working one-on-one means you identify and target your business problems straight away

  • all information tailored to your needs as your business coach will get to know your individual needs, strengths and weaknesses

  • less distracted by other people’s business problems as all the focus by your coach is on your business

  • appointments that fit your schedule, rather than having to fit a group scheduled event.

  • total privacy, which probably means you'll be more comfortable sharing the details about your business.

The disadvantages of individual coaching

Apart from costing more than group coaching, there are few disadvantages with individual coaching:

  • It can take some time to find a coach that is the right fit for you and your business.

  • The opportunity for you to network or connect with other people is limited.

Group business coaching

The advantages of group coaching

Group coaching involves a small-ish group of people working towards a common goal.

It usually involves a set workshop designed to solve a specific problem, so you would be picking a session that best suits your needs.

Learning in a group setting can provide many advantages. You can:

  • gain experience in a low-cost, low-risk way

  • gain a support network of like minded individuals

  • be a little more relaxed with less pressure to participate or share as all the coach's attention is not focused all on you.

The disadvantages of group coaching

Unless you already know what your problem areas are, and where you need to improve, then group coaching could be a waste of time and money. Other disadvantages of group coaching can include:

  • there may be limited in suitable session times

  • limited time to talk individually to the coach

  • information tends to be more generic and won't always solve the problem or generate the solutions you need for your business.

Which coaching is best?

At the end of the day, the simple fact is that if you have a business that is in a position to grow and you are looking for specific solutions to make that happen, then one-on-one individual sessions are going to be your best option. While the initial cost is higher, you will get more results, faster this way.

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