Facebook for business in 2019

Even though Instagram and Snapchat took off like a rocket, Facebook is still the king of social media. Every single business should be on Facebook, and doing it the right way. Facebook has become the modern day search tool, and between Pinterest and Facebook, who needs Google?!

Here are few tips to using Facebook for your business in 2019.

Respond to your messages quickly

Facebook is often one of the first places that customers turn to for help. In some circumstances, you will get more enquiries from your Facebook page than your website, so you want to stay on top it! Make sure you have notifications for messages, and get back to them as soon as you can.

Use insights

Facebook has a fantastic and incredibly useful Insights tool so you can see what’s going well, and what isn’t. All of this amazing data is right at your fingertips, all you need to do is click the Insights tab from your page and explore!

Post at the right time to maximise your reach

Your Insights tells you a heap of handy information, including when your fans and followers are on Facebook. Combine this with your insights about what content is working the best, and you can work out how to maximise your reach. Posting at the right times, with the right content, means getting your message to the right people, and if you can do this consistently, all the better. Make the most of Facebook's own post scheduling services and you will go one better. Facebook's algorithms work best with its own tools, so keep that in mind when using third party scheduling softare.

Encourage comments and reply quickly

Organic engagement is constantly dropping (which sucks) but if you can get it, you’ll stand out in the crowd. This means posting, getting likes and shares and being "present" to respond to likes and comments and share. Ask questions, tell people to drop a comment and encourage conversation, then reply to comments quickly.

Run Facebook ads and boost your posts

Facebook ads are brilliant for small business. The trick is in using them effectively. Facebook ads targeting allows you to drill down to a very specific target market, so knowing who your ideal customer is, is super important when setting up your ad. You can target specific ages, genders, hobbies, interests, activities and much more. From as little as $1 a day, why wouldn't you invest in getting a handle on your Facebook ads.

Do live streams

Live Streams are becoming increasingly popular, and they’re a great way to stand out. Things like events (if you’re in real estate, live stream auctions, if your in health and wellbeing, try a few stretching tips, if you're a manufucturer, highlight a new product or process), Q&A sessions, behind the scenes content and interviews work really well. Plus, people get notified when you go live so you’ll get even more reach.

Use Facebook stories

Simiar to live streams, stories are all the rage in 2019.

They are quick and easy for people to view and you can create all sorts of content and experiences with a combination of photos, text, videos etc. And another reason to use them is that if you have an Instagram account linked to your page, you can set your Instagram stories it to automatically sync with Facebook.


Get reviews!

If you’re a local business, you definitely want to try and get as many reviews as you can. Reviews really increase your chances of a page visitor getting in touch. Maybe you could try giving your customers incentives to review. If you leave us a review on our Facebook page, we'll give you 10% off your next invoice!

If you want help getting the most out of Facebook for your business, then get in touch and we will help you get ahead of the pack!

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