How to absolutely nail this Instagram marketing thing

Instagram's influence on brand awareness, social proof and business growth continues to grow and those businesses who have the early mover advantage have well and truly managed to reap the benefits. But where these businesses have been able to pave the way and get early success, they have also been able to map the pros and cons out for everyone else.

Instagram says that 80% of its users follow at least one business, while 60% of users regularly discover new products on the platform. They also say that 75% of users like visiting a business's website after seeing brand content on Instagram.

Leading into the Christmas holiday season, its pretty safe to assume that many Instagram businesses will be looking to up their game as the year closes out and we head into 2020. If you are wanting to be one of these businesses, then these tips are for you!

Instagram itself recently published a series of platform tips to help businesses to produce better content and a stonger presence. We've put a summary of them here to make it easy for you.

Get your photos right!

It should be common sense as a completely visual social media platform, but many Instagram users are still not posting their best pictures. When you are taking or posting a picture, much sure you have a think about your photo composition so that you can maximise your visual presentation.

Things like...

Plan for the holidays

Also super helpful in their tips was ideas on holiday content planning. Creating a content calendar specifically for the holiday season can help regardless of which holiday you are preparing for.

  • Find photos and videos other businesses have shared around a previous year’s holiday.

  • Look at upticks in sales from previous years to see when your audience starts their holiday shopping.

  • Create a list of photos and videos you want to use to celebrate the holiday. Compose captions ahead of time so you have them ready when you post the photo or video.

Holiday fever is not just for the traditional retail outlets. Why not get your business-to-business in the swing of things too with a social media make over. Update your profile or add some cool holiday themed stickers and avatars to your posts.

Tell your story

Instagram Stories allows you to show a different perspective on your business or brand. It's typically used by the best of the best to show a playful and unfiltered side of their activities. Play around with the new filters and have some fun with it. Provide some short sharp snippets of information and get your name and face out into the world!

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