Leading by example

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi

Leadership is how an individual influences the behaviors, attitudes and thoughts of others. The great leaders we learn about in our history books are those that inspired us to change the world. Leaders like Gandhi and Alexander the Great who led by taking action and inspiring people to follow them.

Some people are put in positions of authority, but a real leader will gain the respect and trust of their followers. Followers need to see their leader doing what is right for the team i.e. supporting, developing, nurturing, and defending in the good times and the bad.

When you establish yourself as a leader, remember that actions speak louder than words and motivate people to do their best work to the best of their ability.

A leader isn’t always perfect. Being a leader means admitting to your mistakes and being able to demonstrate trust and honesty with your team. It means:

  • doing the work that others expect you to do

  • being positive

  • being approachable...living the open door policy

  • being consistent.

A true leader takes the time to build and maintain trust and respect. Doing these things on a regular basis will help you create a team that is willing to follow.

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