LinkedIn expands its reach

Affectionately called the "professional" social network, LinkedIn is fast gaining in popularity as the next social media platform for business marketing efforts.

Its reach is now approaching 600 million worldwide with around 575 million members and climbing.

LinkedIn recently provided a breakdown of its audience, helping to show us where its users are.

As with most platforms, the North American region clearly contributes LinkedIn's biggest audience share, but its interesting to see India is home to the second biggest number of users with 50 million members followed by China with the 42 million members. Australia accounts for over 9 million registered members.

LinkedIn reached the 500 million member milestone last April, which means it's taken the platform 16 months to add another 75 million new users. For context, Facebook has added around 146 million members in the same period, while Twitter added around 9 million.

The milestone is an important one, and one that shows that business owners will need to give some thought as to whether their services are suitable for promotion on the LinkedIn platform. It's certainly a platform that is growing in appeal to a wider set of audiences.

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