Low budget content marketing ideas for small business

Good content captures a customer’s attention and makes your brand memorable. It's a huge part of your digital marketing strategy, but where do you begin?

content marketing ideas

Content marketing is basically any type of content (blogs, photos, videos, posts, etc.) that you post online for your followers or potential customers to share, like or comment on. Believe it or not, content marketing is a driving force behind sales.

Here are a few low budget content marketing ideas to help you on your way.

Create a blog

Blogs are one of the best content marketing ideas where you can easily connect and engage with your audience. Blogs can help answer questions, help to tell your brand story and share with customers what your company is passionate about.

Why a blog should be part of your small business strategy

The purpose of a blog is to provide people with truly interesting content. You want to make them stay on your website long enough for search engines to deem your site important and move you up in rankings.

  • Make them easy to read and visually appealing.

  • Make sure your blog is accessible and easy to find.

  • If you want your blog content to be seen you need to have catchy topics or titles because the goal is to get people to click and spend time reading your content.

Social media posts

Many people associate social media with advertising. But you are probably already using social media to show off your content or link to your website or blog.

Social media posts are a great way to share content because you can combine them with our other content marketing ideas! Posting on social media at least once a week takes a small amount of time out of your week, but the benefits can be huge!

They do not have to be extravagant. They can be as simple as sharing a blog post you have written or posting content that reflects your brands style or values.

Some examples of types of content that you can post include:

  • User generated content

  • Live streams

  • Infographics

  • Webinars

  • Client testimonials

  • Guides

  • How-To videos/articles

In the rest of this blog we take a look at some of these content marketing ideas and how you can use them to grow your business!

Once you create this content you can spread the word by posting on social media. But if you want to grow your follower base and engagement rates quickly and efficiently, you can hire a social media company to do it for you. You won’t have to worry about the content, publishing or SEO so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

User generated content

This is quite possibly one of the cheapest content marketing ideas we have. User generated content is FREE and relatively effortless. But how do you get your followers to create content for you to repost?

Here are some ideas.

  • Run a contest. People love contests where they can win something.

  • Ask people to post photos of their weekend or create a fun hashtag around a day of the week to get followers excited about sharing content.

  • Encourage your clients to write a review of their experiences working with you.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool that you can use to engage customers and increase your sales. Your emails should be diverse. Which means that not every email should be an attempt to sell your products or services. You should send out interesting, relevant content to your subscribers every so often.

This is why high quality content is so important. You want people to open your emails and then click through to your website. Check out some of our previous blogs about how to create an effective email strategy.

Use hashtags

Hashtags increase your discoverability on social media and can help promote your content.

Hashtag research is key when it comes to posting on social media. You need to discover which hashtags are trending for your industry. You should also pick niche hashtags that are trending but not so popular that your post will get lost.

You can even make your own hashtag! This is a great idea if you are running a contest or building awareness for your brand. But don’t use just one hashtag. It isn’t enough to get your business discovered by a lot of people. But don’t overdo it by using 30 hashtags either. If you can find five relevant hashtags on each post this is probably a good number. It also depends on your business and who your customers are.

Go behind the scenes

People love to get a look at the inner workings of a business! This is your chance to show them things behind the scenes and what a day in the life of your company looks like. It’s fun content that you and your employees can create together to drive customer engagement.  

So how can you do this? Instagram stories is a good way. Facebook stories is trying to get there too.

Instagram stories are perfect for taking a risk and testing out new content ideas because they disappear after 24 hours and are saved in your archives. You can go back later and create an Instagram highlight out of your saved stories. Stories can combine text, graphics, memes, video and more so they allow you to get creative! This is your chance to have fun!

Need some inspiration for these content marketing ideas?

You can use stories to:

  • show people how to do something

  • share how your product is made

  • share insider tricks and tips

  • interview your staff or industry gurus.

Produce great content

The best of our low budget content marketing ideas is simply to produce great content. The old saying, "build it and they will come" is true in this instance. Make your website, your social media accounts and your business the type of place that people should visit, and they will.

High quality content engages customers, sparks conversation and drives conversions.

Every piece of content that you post on social media or send in an email is a reflection of your brand or company. Remember, quality over quantity!

Have questions about content marketing?

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