Ten things that matter to your customers

Despite the sheer number of industries and businesses out there...when it comes to customer service there are some common denominators that work regardless of your vocation.

On the list is definitely your website. Its super important to make sure you have yourself a secure and reliable website, one that is user friendly and one that gives your customer what they need.

Check out the following infographic from Trans Cosmos.

Ten things that matter to your customers

1. Competitive product prices

Two things to take note: economy and product longevity. Customers may not be economy experts, but they play a large part in it.

Your business must come up with competitive product prices that are balanced.

2. Effective customer service

This should be no secret, but effective customer service is always top of the mind when customers look a product or service.

Achieving an effective customer service is a long winding road and is best done with the first step: always care for your customers.

3. Fast problem solving

A good customer service and immediate problem-solving go hand-in-hand. If a problem is not easily solved, it will take a toll on your business and a lost customer.

4. Listens and appreciative

In customer service, you should listen and be appreciative of every customer despite the anger and frustration. Treat your customers the way you want a business to treat you.

5. Empowered, knowledgeable, and friendly staff

Your reputation and growth lies on how your employees greet customers and present your product and service in different manners.

Keep your employees trained, motivated, and inspired. In return, the effect will lead to better customer and business handling.

6. Secured and user-friendly website

Your website acts as your online address, so you should take care and develop it as well.

7. Relevant offers

There are different ways to offer your products and services, you have to make customers interested and engaged with your timely offers.

8. Product returns

Product damage and issues upon purchase happens. Apart from a warranty, your business should also offer product returns within acceptable terms.

9. Accessible and easy to use products

Products that are easy to buy, find, and use is another factor customers look for. With the help of the internet and technology, you can reach out to your prospective customers who may need your product.

10. Multiple channel choices

From mobile apps, online shopping carts, and physical stores, your customers must have various channel choices where they can purchase or inquire about your product or service.

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