The secret to what's in an Internet minute

During an average workday, a single minute might seem negligible. If you’re lucky, a minute might buy you enough time to write a quick email, grab a coffee from the break room, or make small talk with a co-worker. But when it comes to the internet, a minute of time goes much further than you ever could have imagined.

When it comes to gauging the epic scale of the internet, it would seem that each minute leans closer to the extraordinary side of the spectrum.

This very cool infographic is from @LoriLewis and @OfficiallyChadd published on Visual Capitalist and it aggregates the online activity of billions of people globally, to see what an internet minute looks like.

Image courtesy of Visual Capitalist.

Scary isn't it! 188 millions of emails are sent every minute, 18.1 million texts are sent, Google process 3.8 million search queries and 2.1 million Snaps are created on Snapchat. Is it any wonder we are in the digital age.

And its moving so quickly The comparison this this to last year illustrates this well.

From this we an see how platforms such as Instagram and Netflix continue, while new categories such as smart speakers are quickly building a strong foundation for the future.

It also demonstrates how fast new techs can take off. In 2018, only 67 voice-first devices were being shipped per minute, in 2019 this is up to 180.

It will be fascinating to see what this looks like in 2020.

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