What is this Facebook Pixel Helper thing?

What is this Facebook pixel helper thing?

What is the Facebook Pixel Helper?

The Facebook Pixel Helper is essentially a Chrome extension that allows you to see if the Facebook Pixel is installed and working properly on your website.

You don’t really “need” the Pixel Helper unless you’re having some issues that you want to troubleshoot or you want to make sure that the pixels or standard events for pixels are properly installed.

Installing the Facebook Pixel Helper

Installing the Pixel Helper is actually pretty easy, it only takes a couple of clicks.  First you have to be using the Chrome browser.  Then you can go to the Google Chrome Webstore for Extensions: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions and search for the Facebook Pixel Helper.

Or you can go directly there with this link:


Then click Add to Chrome and Add Extension. You can see it on any site that has the Facebook Pixel installed on it.  When the icon is blue, that means a Pixel is installed there.

You can always uninstall the Chrome Extension if needed.

  1. Type chrome://extensions in the address bar of your Chrome web browser.

  2. Click Remove under Facebook Pixel Helper.

  3. Click Remove again in the pop-up window to confirm.

But what do you actually use Facebook Pixel Helper for?

Troubleshooting the Facebook Pixel is probably the its best use.

Some of the main problems with the Facebook Pixel are:

  • Slow load time of the pixel – make sure the pixel is in the <head> area of the site or use the Partner Integrations to install your pixel.  A slow load may not be a problem – you can look at the Pixel area to see if you are getting traffic.

  • Standard Events not firing – check where the script is installed.  You may need to put the exact standard event code in the main body of the full pixel code rather than separated.

  • Invalid Parameter – you may have spelled the standard event wrong or copied the code wrong.  Review the Developers area for the Specifications on Facebook Standard Events

  • Redundant Events or Multiple Events – this could be because of extra standard events being installed and can lead to double counting.  Check how you’ve installed the code and where it is on your website.

Troubleshooting the pixel can be hard because sometimes you don’t know where the code is but the Pixel Helper can at least give you more insight as to what’s happening on the Page.

Also take a look at Facebook’s Pixel Error and Warning Messages in their Help section.

The other place to watch is within the Event Manager of Facebook.  You can look at the Diagnostics to see any issues.

Troubleshooting isn’t always easy but with the Facebook Pixel Helper you can get a better picture of what exactly is going wrong.

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