Why a virtual assistant is better than an in house employee

We often get asked, why would we outsource our administration? Its just simple stuff right! Yes it might be simple, but its time consuming, its usually the last thing you want to do after a busy day's work, its even not some people's business strength.

Using a virtual assistant to support your business is becoming more and more popular, and for those that haven't quite realised the myriad of benefits, here's a few...

  1. You save money! You don’t need to provide office space, furnishings or equipment as a virtual assistant works from their own office.

  2. You don’t have to worry about work schedules. Simply send off the work to be done with a due date and it comes back done and dusted.

  3. You only pay for the actual time a virtual assistant spends on completing the task. No bathroom visits, no catching up with team mates for a coffee, no Facebooking!

  4. No overhead costs.

  5. No training costs. A virtual assistant comes already proficient with the latest tools and technology to do the job.

  6. As an independent business owner themselves, a VA has the ability to see the bigger picture. Unlike an employee, a VA knows and understands the challenges of running a business.

Learn more about working with a virtual assistant by contacting Pacmentality Consulting today, Info@Pacmentalityconsulting.com.

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