Why your email list is your digital marketing weapon

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

Email is easily the most important form of written communication in today's society.

A targeted list of email subscribers is a huge asset. Subscribers know you and trust you, which makes them qualified leads that you can convert.

People value their email inbox a lot more than they value their Facebook or Twitter inbox. Why? Because email is personal. For this reason it is important for small businesses to remember email is a exceptionally strong marketing tool and one that hasn't yet been replaced with the flashy social media lights. Hint, Hint...how do you sign into your social media? Oh yeh that's right, with an email address!

Still not convinced you need to spend time on this? Well here's a few good reasons why...

Reason #1: You don't control your social media

You don’t control your Facebook page or your Twitter followers the way you control your email list. At the end of the day, you are at the peril of the social media network you’re on. Do you have access to the contact info of your fans/followers? Of course not. Which means, regardless of how big your followership is on social media, you don’t own it.

Reason #2: A bigger email list can change your business

This one is fairly obvious, the more people you have on your email list, the more people see your offer which means the more likely you'll get more sales and word of mouth marketing.

Reason #3: There’s more to your email list than you think

Small businesses that are new to email list building quickly learn that there’s more to their list than they thought. Because when you have access to targeted email list, you’re suddenly in control of how you communicate with them. It’s vastly different than any type of cold marketing that you’ve done.

You get to know your audience better when you are consistently in touch with your list. Instead of assuming what’s important for your audience and trying to sell them products that you feel they should buy, it’s the other way round. Having your own list lets you turn the tables.

Knowing your email list subscribers puts you in a better position to make smarter decisions when it comes to launching new products, creating relevant content, etc.

So with all this in mind...keep an eye out for our next blog post when we will drop some hints and tips for helping to build your super duper targeted email list.

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