Why you shouldn't put all your social media eggs in one basket

Last week we saw both Instagram and Facebook go down for more than 10 hours triggering panic among many brands and influencers around the world who rely on these platforms to generate income.

The lesson, don't put all of your social media eggs in one basket!

Here are some tips and thoughts on spreading your social media following.

1. Have a back up

You are always going to have one social media platform that does better than your others, and while you should always concentrate your efforts in the areas where you perform the best, it doesn't mean you should ignore your next best.

You need to make sure you have a back up. Having a presence on multiple social media platforms means you can spread your social media following and reduce the risk of one platform being down and out. Think about who owns which platform and what the level of integration between these is.

2. Cross promote

Cross promoting not only helps you build your audience across each of your social media platforms, it’s also a handy way to create content. But let's be clear here. We don't mean cross promoting in the sense of just publishing the same content on all your socials, we mean actually prompting your other socials on eachother. Let your followers know where else they can find you!

3. Don't forget your non-social media assets

Don't forget you have your email list and your website in your asset pool and that these are key tools for communicating with your followers.

Build up that email list so you still have a connection to people who are fans of your work. We've previously written a couple of articles on the importance of buidling your email list. You can check them out here.

At the end of the day

Over the years we've seen social media platforms come and go and all you can do is try to use these tools in the best way possible and minimise your risk in the event they do crash and burn.

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