Yes, you still need a website and here's why...

These days its a given that we are on social media spectrum somewhere. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all valuable forms of word-of-mouth marketing and brand awareness avenues. But the reality is that websites remain extremely important for businesses and are said to be more popular with consumers than all of the business pages on social media sites combined.

Here are a few reasons why a website is better than social media.

You own your website, you don’t own Facebook

Heard of AOL from the 1990s, MySpace from 2000s? Still use them?

What happens if a business owner invests all their time and energy in Facebook, or some other social network, and then it crashes? Cue, your trusty, well built website!

No one can take it away. You own it. It will always be there, growing in value like a great real estate investment. And since it's your site, you set the design and you have the flexibility to tailor its use to your customers, business model and branding.

Essentially, if anyone says some social network should be your primary business asset, tell them they are an idiot, ok, maybe don't do that, but certainly ignore them.

Finding your audience can be difficult

Many small businesses assume that their customers are on pretty much every social media platform. They setup social media presence because it’s “the thing to do.” But not every platform is a great fit for every business. Consider the difference in Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn for example.

With a great website that’s marketed well, your audience can find you and find the information/products they want to learn about or buy whenever they like.

Your website is 24/7

There’s this thing in social media about trying to find the best time to post/share and interact with followers. It can be a challenge to get your business heard through the noise.

So does this mean I ditch the social media?

Not at all. A social media presence is a must, but its definitely not more important than a website. Remember, a website is like your piece of real estate that you own forever and no one can take away. Ultimately, it’s not an “or” question … it’s an “and” answer.

You need a great website and an intelligent social media presence for long-lasting online success.

If you were starting to let your site become outdated or haggard, consider a refresh. Drop us a line here at Pacmentality Consulting and we can help you out.

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