Get more traffic and increase your leads by improving your website performance

Optimising your website's performance is crucial to increasing traffic, generating leads and improving conversions

Your website is an asset for your business and should be one of the most productive marketing tools that you have. It isn’t simply a brochure that looks good, it needs to be a working asset that brings in leads, prospects or better still, sales.

Why do I need a website audit?


Google continues to improve its search algorithms and the changes can be hard to keep up with. What worked a year or two ago, no longer works today. Even worse, what worked a year ago may generate penalties today and hurt your website’s ranking. This means tha while you used to be able get a few backlinks and add keywords to your title and header tags to rank well, these days its a tad more complicated with load times, be responsiveness, content quality, and high authority scores.


What do you get from a website audit?

A comprehensive website audit will:

  • evaluate what is and what is not working on your website

  • tell you how your website compares to your competitors and industry benchmarks

  • provide an understanding of why your website is not generating the results you expect

  • give you insights to why you your lead generation and sales are falling short of your goals

  • recommend improvements to your online presence and search engine ranking

  • Actionable steps to generate more sales and to position your business for long-term growth.


Through our website audit we can assist you in developing a profitable website that does its job. Our audit process checks off a series of points and is designed to target design and functional traits that are known for gaining more prospects, clients and sales. 

We will complete our 100 point website audit and assess the content on your website including your:

  • basic site information

  • opt in/ landing pages

  • lead capture tools

  • polices/ support.

We will provide you with a report giving you key insights into where you have the most potential to gain from further optimising your website.

After an audit, what should you do?


With insights to your website’s performance, you should implement the recommendations. After implementation, you should slowly start to see a positive impact on your website’s search ranking. Over the course of a few months, you will see the full impact- increased website traffic and conversions.

A website audit is the foundation of your website’s search ranking and visibility. If you do not know what is working versus what is not working, you do not know what steps to take forward. A website audit is great investment to position your business for long-term growth and success online.

How much does a website audit cost?

There are plenty of free online tools out there that give you an insight into some of the things we cover in our website audit, but they just don't give you the qualitative assessment we find business owners really need. Similarly, you can find agencies that charge thousands for a service like this. Thankfully for you that's not us!

The cost of our website audit starts at $199 for up to ten pages reviewed. If your website is more than ten pages, no problems, we will just provide you with a quote based on your specific needs.


Keep in mind that the audit is an extremely detailed review of your website. We don’t run it through some software and spit out some cookie-cutter suggestions back to you. We spend our time on your site and pick out the good and bad elements. Then, we’ll tell you in plain English what you should change and why.

If you implement our suggested changes right away, you’ll start to see massive improvements in rankings, page speed, usability, and conversions in a few short months.

If you’d like to get started, fill out the form below. From there you will receive an invoice from us ( which you can pay via bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. Once the invoice is paid, we’ll start the audit!

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